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“Why do you need boudoir photos if you’re a coach or mentor?”

Why wouldn’t you? Why wouldn’t you want to feel empowered? Why wouldn’t you want to be fully in your feminine? Why wouldn’t you want to embody the Empress, High Priestess, Queen and Wild Woman? And why oh why do we always feel the NEED to put everyone in a box?

Listen you’ll see many variations of pics of Ashley V….Warrior, WITCH, Alien, Goddess, Boss Bitch, and god only knows what else I’ll do for a shoot! But you’ll most likely NEVER see me in flower dress and or business suit thing (whatever those jackets are called 🤣) Blazer? I think 🧐


Because it’s simply NOT ME

I think it’s awesome when people rock those things and they love it. 💗😎 I love hoodies, short shorts, h0e clothes, and badass bitch stuff. Plus all my weird eccentric costumes I wear in shoots. Because it’s me and I feel good in it. 🔥 I love creating stories in my pics. I love that I can build my biz through visuals of my energy signatures. 🔥 I also love empowering my clients to simply be them, show up, make a difference and get PAID….to👏🏻be👏🏻YOU 🔥

We need more empowered people in the world. Less “you should” because of your label.

I literally BUILT a multi 6 figure biz going into a MIL soon wearing hoodies, dope kicks, combat boots and being my badass self DAILY.

Being a BOSS simply means being you to fullest and owning your shit day in and day out. Either you want to half ass it? Or make real moves?

My coaching helps people step into creating a Legacy NOT a should. 🔥 DM to connect with me.

Telegram options opened this month. 🔥 1 Week 2 Week 1 Month

Options open now 🔥 Photo Studio XO

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