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You know why I coach, mentor, and teach?

One WORD….. FEAR YEP, so many people are scared to say yes to their dreams. Transform your FEARS into a dream reality. It honestly annoys me. It pisses me off at times. And I’ll be real when I hear some of the excuses I want to smack some of you upside your head. Why? Because they’re illusions of doubt, lack, and scarcity. YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE 🔥🔥🔥 So I feel my purpose is to help shift people out that nonsense. Not with the smack, but with the experience and wisdom I hold from actually being it and embodying it. “But Ashley you’re not scared!” “You’re intimidating.” “You seem fearless.” Ummm first off, I wasn’t always like this. Second I do get scared, I just don’t dwell on it and let it ruin my life. If I can do this why can’t you? There is no reason. I can guarantee you have NO GOOD legitimate reason as to why you aren’t on your path right now. I can guarantee everything you think is in your way is complete bullshit. Once you start shifting out of fear you learn to embody trust. You learn that faith is a real energetic frequency that exists between you and the Divine. Did you know that sometimes when things suck in your life it’s actually because you’re not thinking from a more expansive perspective? Meaning you’re playing SMALL! Yep you, you are playing small, meaning it’s time for you to go the next levels. I see so many small business owners tip toeing around like the grinch on Christmas. Only he just takes what he wants and the rest of you pussy foot around because you think “you ain’t shit.” You let the grinchy greedy people rule the world because YOU ARE TOO SCARED TO BE ALL OF YOU! I feel the #1 reason most small businesses don’t last or even begin is lack of belief. I was saying this in Reader Biz the other night… The more real people hold back, the more room you leave for shysters and crooks to be in your place. Why? Because just like the grinch they don’t give a FUCK about just taking peoples shit, scamming them, and running them down for the count. I see so many talented people with pure hearts waste their talents because they’re “scared”. Well fuck you. Seriously are you going to die if try?! Are you going to die if you take the chance? Will the leap kill you? I highly doubt! If anything it will empower you and teach how to up-level like a mofo. In all honestly I got pissed the other night when I watched what was happening in IRAN. THESE PEOPLE ARE FIGHTING FOR SIMPLE FREEDOMS. And here you are “SCARED” to make a change, take a chance and up-level yourself. You have the freedom, the opportunity and the door is open. But you decide to close it. YOU, no one else. Stay where you are then. Or take the chance today. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The choice is yours. The Incubator is open for enrollment. 🔥

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