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Your business is suffering because you’re making BS moves that don’t align with you.

Your purpose and soul work is lame and watered down because you’re trying to be something your NOT! Your passion fizzles when you get TOO COMFY and stagnate! “Don’t DO IT LIKE THEM” How dare I ?!? How dare I FORGET?!? I just did an audio training in my high level mastermind mind titled… “Don’t do it like them.” I had a huge epiphany about an aspect of my business I’ve about had it with recently. An aspect of my business I’ve been banging my head against the wall since I’ve opened. This aspect of my business has been driving me pretty crazy and yesterday I had a conversation with a friend where many pieces clicked in. Listen…. Don’t do it like them. DO IT and BE IT AS TO HOW IT ALIGNS FOR YOU 🔥🔥🔥 Innovation can be tricky at times because honestly you can’t be normal AT ALL. One of my coaches told me I’m so connected to who I am, that I can’t get by just mimicking something that someone else is doing. Long story short: I CANNOT BULLSHIT PEOPLE🔥🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s just not in my DNA, frequency and vibe. No FOLLOWING HERE🔥 NO hiding either 🔥 Just flowing and creating consistently. I feel like my purpose is to support those that are itching to innovate. My soul aligned clients are truly tapped in, and ready to bring in programs, systems, and teachings that WILL CHANGE THE WORLD. Most people don’t fully tap into purpose and their creations because their looking outside themselves for direction. My purpose is to teach people to go within. I learned my lesson and will be sharing more as to where Ascension Nxt is heading in 2023. Until then… The Incubator is open for enrollment. We start the pre-work December 2023

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