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Enlightened HBIC Mastermind

WARNING: This Program is Only for the Unapologetic Innovators





I’m So Ready to Hold Space in the Most Powerful Container I will Ever Create

This is my Inner Circle, this is the closest you will ever get to me when taking a program. Are you ready to say FUCK YES? Are you ready to show up like the rebel LEADER you were born to be? Are you ready to LIVE the dream life and be YOU EVERY F’N DAY??


WARNING THIS PROGRAM IS NOT FOR THE WISHY WASHY! It’s for the women who are CERTAIN they are here to make serious changes on this planet….innovate, create, lead, and INSPIRE the masses to do better and be better. This program is only for those that are serious about being a CHANGEMAKER. I’m hell bent on changing the world and I can’t do it myself! We need a lot of badass,loving leaders to make this possible. You are definitely one of them. 


So you’re interested in taking your business to the next level? AWESOME! The Enlightened HBIC Mastermind is literally for those who are ready to be the Head Bitch in Charge. Are you ready to step into your sovereignty….for real AND SHOW UP AS YOU, every day, minute and second you are alive? This program is NOT for people who want to sit  on the sidelines and watch opportunities pass. In order to fully commit to this program, you need to be ready to push yourself beyond your human limitations. Step into the supernatural, the superhuman, the supreme Queen to reach beyond this reality and create programs, courses, books, blogs WHATEVER is in Divine Alignment with you that will lift the frequencies of this world to a whole other level. I’m ready to lead and assist powerful Queens to manifest the realities they always dreamed of. 


It's Time to Believe in the


The road to success should be all about you and your Divine Purpose, not the “shoulds” and the boring, daunting hard work that you hate. It should be fun, creative, in flow and lead you to the financial freedom you’ve always desired!  Do you know how amazing it feels to wake up everyday and BE ASHLEY? My job is to literally BE ME. I want this for you as well! If you are reading this, I believe you are ready to get to this level. All it takes is serious commitment and belief. I am here to hold space and kick your ass through the doors you’ve always been wanting to open. This is a six month, high level mentorship with me.


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The Next Level is in the Here and Now

Stop pushing it further away! I’m so over  watching people do things in their life they hate because they are out of alignment. I’ve been working with high-level coaches since 2019 and it is time for me to share my wisdom.


It started with bringing in $10K months with ease, then hitting over $20k months with ease, just by showing up and being me. Once I started to honor my worth, it allowed me to do the things in my life that feel good, in alignment, and live the life I want to live.


Also stepping into the frequency of financial freedom allowed me to expand my business and go above and beyond with Ascension Nxt. I’m no longer run down, tired, and overworked. I get to take breaks and do whatever I want daily. I want to share the wealth, and share what I learned over the years when you choose to opt into living completely soul aligned daily. Which means being the Head Bitch in Charge now, not tomorrow...TODAY.  


Sometimes you may ask yourself….Why aren’t I fully aligned to my purpose? Why am I not creating the income I desire? Why do I lack belief in myself to get to the next level? 


Usually it’s a simple answer… are half assing it. You put your purpose work on the back burner. You question your creations, you don’t ALLOW yourself to excel and expand because you don’t understand your worth.

You tell yourself lies about how it can’t work, while you're watching all the other bitches cash in while living the life and wondering ....”Why can’t I do that?” Well you can but you keep telling the universe it’s impossible, so the universe is like “okay you won't receive that."


 I remember when I first opened Ascension Nxt I was happy to bring in $100 a week just to pay my $500 rent. Now I make 5 figures a month with ease and love what I do. I hit 6 figures in my business in the last 2 years just with my online programs and the best part is I’m changing lives while making real money. Are you ready to go to the next level or are you going to continue to procrastinate and wait for the “right time?"


 The longer you wait, the more you push your beliefs, and your passions on the back burner. Are you ready to be a BOSS or are you going to watch others do the thing? I noticed that usually the people who wait are the most qualified, but for some reason they feel they aren’t. The other day my friend was over my house showing me someone who was very unqualified, to say the least, doing readings, I was appalled because there were actually people following her.She was definitely under the influence and not in the right space to be giving people guidance. Sometimes we are shown these things so we SHOW UP more. I’m telling you this because I KNOW you are qualified,but maybe you don’t think you’re enough. It’s time for you to SHINE because you are hiding your beautiful gifts and your soul aligned clients are waiting!


I’m Already a Boss Bitch


It is time for me to level up and  help others become the BOSS BITCH and recognize that within themselves.

A great BONUS about this program is that it includes The Teacher Awakens Program for FREE!