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Confessions Pt. 1

I’m triggered I’m pissed All of this bullshit has been blocking my creativity for about a week.

I am so fucken triggered by people thinking it’s okay to allow their freedom to be taken away so easily. Why because now it’s affecting me? Well I guess I’m SELFISH because I love living a free life?? A healthy life? A life full of purpose 🔥 My freedom is essential. My business is essential to me and many others who consider their spiritual work a part of their health. My mental health is essential. I AM ESSENTIAL I’m all set with the notion of people telling me I’m selfish because I NEED certain things for my health & well being, that THEY may not think are important. I’ll be that and I’m fine with it because I’m fine with being a trigger. Especially when I triggered! WHO THE FUCK IS ANYONE TO TELL ANYONE WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO THEM?? When I have to buy weights like a drug deal because they are sold out everywhere, that’s a problem! OPEN THE FUCKEN GYMS! My HEALTH is FN ESSENTIAL! Buuuut wait... It seems that believing the bullshit is ESSENTIAL. “Let’s look at the facts” What facts? There’s more bullshit than facts these days! Oh that’s right....I’m sorry I forgot, believing lies is comforting. Oh I’m sorry that my beliefs bring you discomfort. Oh I’m sorry my desire for FREEDOM makes you feel uncomfortable. Oh I’m sorry my desire to work for a fucken living makes you uncomfortable. Oh I’m sorry I care about small business owners who pour their heart & soul into their work. Many can’t sit on their ass and collect because their businesses will go under! I used to brush it off when people believed the FEAR AGENDAS, were brainwashed, or just couldn’t see beyond the simplistic reality they are told is real. Now I’m ALL SET, it’s affecting me and many others who put their ALL into their work. I’m done following these fucken tyrannical rules. New Episode of The Divine Savage coming soon! Until then check out the new Podcast here!

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