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Holy crap today was an insane day!

Finally getting to make my post for the day. Walked into the space: ✅Internet Down ✅Employee sick ✅Plans fell through….shift again! That’s the name of the game when you run a biz, you never know what to expect. Expect the UNEXPECTED That’s life isn’t it? I love being an Entrepreneur and even more than that I LOVE supporting other Entrepreneurs and helping them up-level their biz. Ive been successfully self employed, self made for 8 years going on 9 in 2023. I built my business from the bottom up. I started with nothing, and everything you see today I built that on my own. ✅No loans ✅No hand outs from family ✅No grants ✅No back up funds ✅No wealthy partner Just ME… I’ve taken the risks. I’ve failed. I’ve gotten knocked on my ASS. And I’ve ALWAYS dusted myself off, gotten back up and said FUCK YOU I’m doing this 🔥 I’ve wanted to quit. I’ve wanted to throw it all away at times. I’ve even looked in the mirror at times like “Ashley you are an insane bitch” Then I laugh like a mad woman, kiss my alien statues, raise my middle fingers like Stone Cold Steve Austin annnd Keep going! Literally I built my business with fucken tenacity, persistence, and a hella strong belief in what I do. That’s IT. At this point in my career I’ve learned the process of strategies, formulas, team building, marketing, shameless promotion and of course building a resilient mindset to shift, pivot, and or tweek to just keep growing and flowing. 🔥🔥🔥 Which is why moving into 2023 I’ve created The INCUBATOR. I am so excited for this!! For Jan of 2023 there are ONLY 10 spots. Presale is $444! After the 12/2 prices go up to $555. 🔥🔥 Click for more details… I’ll be going live tomorrow to talk more about this. You’ll want to be here. I’m here to share the Ashley V 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 with the Entrepreneurs who want it…NOW.

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