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Innovators Are the New Heretics and Spiritual Mentors are the New Heathens

Why do you even question investing in a coach or mentor who’s gone all in on their biz?

While you’re playing fiddle fuck sticks at your 9-5 figuring out how you’re going to “do the thing.”

We’ve BEEN GRINDING 24/7 figuring it out so we can guide you.

We know the ins and outs

We know the dos and donts

We invested

We took risks


Being a leader isn’t for everyone, when I first started I wanted to drag everyone along with me, and let me tell you, I really did drag some people.

I’m not here to drag, convince or prove. Being an entrepreneur is scary, you need to be up for the challenge. I’ve always been up for the challenge and ready to take the chances.

The reality of the industry I’m in is not so simple. Being a spiritual entrepreneur is beyond this realm, you literally have one foot in the physical and spiritual at all times.

Balance, self awareness, and confidence beyond human belief is so needed to get the job done in this field. Most people don’t last because they can’t handle the pressure. Being a leader in the Ascension is some straight up G shit.

Innovators are the new heretics and spiritual mentors are the new heathens. We are here to create outer worldly experiences in a dense senseless superficial reality.

You need to embody pure trust, faith, and excitement to stay consistent.

I want everything I do and or create to be life changing for my clients. If it isn’t I throw it away, it’s trash.

Too many spiritual entrepreneurs do the same old shit. No one who gets in my field as a high level client leaves me “doing the same old shit.” They leave inspired, motivated, and remembering who the fuck they are.

That’s all I’m available for.

Ascension Mentor Presale starts this week.

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