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Let’s have a real talk because I’m a no bullshit kind of person.

I’ve been seeing so many coaches coming down hard on personal development and spiritual work as of late. And I have sooooo many theories about this.

First off for those of you who don’t know, I’ve been a spiritual practitioner professionally for well over 10 years certified in many different healing modalities, I’m also a hypnotherapist, reader, channeler etc.

I’ve built my biz and reputation on doing mostly in person healings, readings, and workshops for years, added coaching and digital courses to my biz in 2019.

I’m extremely passionate about what I do and I feel there’s A LOT of bullshit being spread by people who HAD no appreciation and integrity in the work they were doing. I  can tell by the way they are communicating and what they are saying, that most had no clue WTF they were doing.

And others just weren’t understanding what the hell happens when you open doors to the other realms. It takes a certain kind of person to hold that space.

🔥The astral realms are extremely unforgiving at times and can leave you open to some wild energies. Being in the in between realms FULL TIME is not for everyone, even doing it part time can be a lot for people.

I’d like to really dive deep into all of this with my experiences.

🔥So a lot of people were asking…

“What are you seeing?”

Here’s what I’ve been seeing for the past 6 months or so since I’ve been online more. (The last few years I owned a large brick & mortar wellness center, I decided to downsize fall of 2023 to work more online.)

Here’s what I’m witnessing….

❌ People talking a lot of shit about modalities. Saying how they don’t work and to some extreme comparing them to the “devil.” 😭🤡

❌In other extremes I’m seeing coaches who did lots of spiritual work flip to becoming a Christian coach (to each is own, I fully respect a shift if needed) but now dogging and demonizing spiritual work which is causing YET AGAIN another divide and making people feel like shit. We don’t need any more of this on the planet or in our communities.

❌ Ball busting on certain words and phrases, such as manifestation, transformation, downloads, authenticity, expansion, the list goes on. Listen if you were using these words and now they trigger you, I feel you were probably jumping on a bandwagon and really had no clue what they meant.

❌And just overall saying how spirituality and personal development is a sham and does nothing for people. Which I can totally see how and why that happens, but it really has to do with integration processes, being patient and willing to do the inner work regardless. Most people don’t, I’ve seen people I’ve worked on completely do a 360 in their lives and others just shit the bed and throw it all away. Oh yea and people who ACTUALLY know what they’re DOING! 🔥

Spiritual work and personal development is a lifetime commitment, it’s not something that just happens over night. It’s takes dedication, discipline, and building insane resiliency.

What I’ve noticed in the coaching community and with people in general but ESPECIALLY in the coaching community is people want quick and easy success.

The shiny thing.

The shitty shortcut.

The trend.


That’s not how it works. When you open doors to the astral realms and you’re demanding quick and easy from God and spirits, you’re about to get a smack into another dimension you may not enjoy.

Also people don’t understand integration, integrating energy is DIFFERENT for EVERYONE. I’ve watched some clients receive super quick and with others it can take YEARS to shift.

It really is all depending. ✨

But unfortunately in the coaching community many want to sell QUICK results and that’s why so many people feel bamboozled and like they got taken advantage by the “Fake Gurus” and “Snake Oil Salesman”.

I feel there were a lot of people teaching things they shouldn’t have been and thats why my main focus is helping Spiritual Entrepreneurs bring their businesses to the next level.

I see many spiritual practitioners who are passionate, knowledgeable and great at what they do, but just not believing in themselves.

On the other hand I’ve seen so many coaches grab at the next trend just to make a quick buck and unfortunately all of the above was thrown in the mix of it.

I’ve seen so much dumb happening and now I’m ready to call it out and go from my perspective as to what is going on with the 4 main topics above.

I look at ALL of this as an OPPORTUNITY for real, passionate and sincere practitioners and mentors to show up and showcase your skills.

So I’m ready to give some REAL and RAW insight as to what may be happening.

Stay tuned 🔥🔥🗣️🗣️🗣️

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