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The Innovator is Always the Most HATED.....Realization #2

Why?? Because people would rather be envious and jealous instead of making their life’s better. People like me are a constant reminder as to how you suckle on the teets of the “poverty, lack, and scarcity” consciousness. . . Everyone wants to be the “Entrepreneur”, the “Leader”, the “Boss”, until they see what it really entails. Then they run back in line with the others, with their tail between their legs and their head down. It’s not easy trying to pave your own way. It NEVER will be. You will always have resistance by outside forces, so you must be a FORCE of your own with a deep sense of SELF AWARENESS. . . When I was packing up my shop I kept thinking about how lazy people are. I kept hearing people say “I want to do what you do.” I always laugh when people say that, usually my response is “ok do it.” 1st off no one can ever be me, and 2nd people give up soooooo easily. People want what they can’t have because they put it on a pedestal and let every excuse get in their way. People also need to realize there’s a lot that goes on behind the scenes that you could never imagine. One of my good friends who’s an entrepreneur always says...”If it was easy everyone would do it.” . . The Innovator is hated because they constantly and consistently remind humans about their laziness and lack of accountability. This is why when you try to step into Entrepreneurship you usually have to go through the ringer with your family and friends. They aren’t trying to protect you, I think that’s bullshit! Deep down inside they don’t want you to succeed for selfish reasons. 99% of the time they are afraid to see you step into your power because it’s a reminder to them as to how they are a........YEP you guessed it....A SETTLING AND LYING ASS HOE! . . They think about you succeeding and begin to question themselves, their potential aaaaaaaaaand what their life could have been if they followed their dreams! Awwww so sad, must be shitty settling in the swamp of I hate my life tears. . . People complain then do nothing. People idolize and compare but never step up. People want change but don’t want to create it. People make judgements on how you execute but can barely make a decision. People talk a hella of a game but can barely put one foot in front of the other when they try to walk their talk. . . Do you want to be this?? Or do you want more? . . It’s ALWAYS up to the INNOVATOR to create change! . . Then when they try to everyone demonizes them because it’s offensive to their current reality. . . This is just how it is. You want to be a change maker? Get ready for muthafuckers to hate you, just because you remind them of about how FUCKEN LAZY they are. It’s really that simple. But it always becomes so complicated, because humans love to cycle back into the same old programming because it feels “nice”. It doesn’t feel “nice” you brainwashed ding dongs, it’s called programming and conditioning, and that’s why they put chemicals in our food, water, and air. Too keep you feeling all foggy, dumb and submissive. Thank God I’m a flaming ball of Galactic fire because I burn right through that shit! . . SOOOO FUCK YOUR “NICE”......BITCH. . . Want to know who else hates INNOVATORS?? . . Your tyrannical idiot leaders that you put on a pedestal. They HATE people like me. They definitely want people like me to die and go away for eternity. Unfortunately for them I KEEP GETTING SENT BACK DOWN INTO THIS REALITY TO TORMENT THEM AND SPEAK THE FUCKEN TRUTHS THEY DON’T WANT YOU TO HEAR. Keep trying to kill me bitch, it doesn’t work. . . The Innovator is here to trigger you, smack you out of the fog, and light a fire under your ass to do more. The tyrants hate that, they try to make it hard for the Innovator to do their work, they program the normies to look at change makers as weirdos, idiots, and dangerous people (depending on what they are trying to change). . . Then they turn you all into butt lickers, and it’s all OVER. (LOL you know I had to say it!) . . Moral of the STORY. STOP BEING LAZY.. When you get jealous or envious ask yourself why. Why am I feeling this way?? Maybe the universe is showing you what you are capable of and or having through someone else’s life. That’s really what it is. . . Spiritual Basic Bitch coming soon! (Kind of has nothing to do with this post but whatever.) . . Byeeeeeeeeeee

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