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The New Year is Here!

I just want to say how grateful I am for all my supporters, customers, and clients! I really hope you all receive amazing blessings this year to come. . . 2020 was quite the ride and I’m extremely grateful for all the ups and downs because I’ve learned so much from the experiences! . . To celebrate the New Year I do have a free training coming up soon! It’s the beginning of my Spiritual Basic Bitch series and I’ve decided to give the 1st 2 trainings for free! More info coming on that soon. . . I did want to touch upon the 5D relationships today. As many of you know I’ve been talking about this for a while (2021 Reading is coming soon) and I feel this knowledge is so important for us as a collective to move forward for the years to come. Seriously the last thing I EVER thought I’d be teaching and or channeling into is the importance of romance, sex, and partnership. Even writing that made me throw up in my mouth a bit lol, but I’m here to do the Divines works and if I have to get out of my comfort zone to do it I will! . . I’ve seen a few amazing things over the past few weeks. I’ve seen real men care for their women. I know yesterday I went off about men who destroy women’s inner Magick because I’ve seen waaaaay too much of it, and honestly I wrote the post for men and women. Stop letting idiots destroy your Magickal abilities and stop being the idiot that destroys someone else’s inner Magick! . . Today I’m giving a shout out to the real men who support their women’s expansion process! I had 2 women sign up for the Teacher Awakens and one of them was telling me how her husband was excited for her! I was like wow really? Usually from what I’ve seen women have to hide from their partners when they invest in anything that has to do with this field. Honestly when women tell me they have to hide any of this from their man, I want to find that man and go kick him in the nuts! So it makes me soooooo happy to see men that are supporting their women when it comes to their passion, and their soul development. WE NEED MORE OF THIS!! We WILL see more of this is 2021....because Ashley said so! . . Then last night I had another client sign up, she was talking about the program to her husband, and while they were talking he signed her up! Me and her were both excited and surprised. He told her he’s her biggest supporter and investor. THIS is the energy of the KING & QUEEN. This is the energy of a 5D relationship. Working together, honoring each other, supporting each other and stepping into alignment so you can BOTH EXPAND. . . I can’t even tell you ALL how important this is! Too many people are in fucken relationships for the wrong reason. If you can’t support your partner YOU SHOULDN’T BE TOGETHER. I’ve seen so many train wreck relationships being in the field I’m in, it’s insane how people just stay in situations they aren’t happy with because they can’t be alone. . . These 5D relationships are about growth and TEAM FUCKEN WORK. You can’t commit to working on a team if you hate yourself. Think about it, we have sports teams right? All the athletes need to train on their own and take care of themselves in order to come together and have a successful team. Same thing with relationships, do the fucken self work, love yourself, and be supportive to your partner. If you don’t want to be supportive to your partner, you either have some serious inner work to do or you’re on the WRONG GOD DAMN TEAM! . . The Kings are here! The pauper and the prissy shitty Princes can fuck off! Of course I had to end a nice post telling someone to fuck off. HAPPY NEW YEAR!! . . Anyways Paradigm Shift is still open for enrollment! This Sunday we’re going to dive into the 5D relationships. I did an intro video last night talking more about the energies of 2021, so there will be 4 lives now! (15 spots left to choose your investment, after this the price goes up to $100)

. . Also The Teacher Awakens sold out last night. I decided to open up 2 more spaces, and 1 has sold. So there is 1 more spot left for this program! Enrollment closes Monday!

. . The Kings and Queens are here and I’m ready to activate you all.

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