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To be a Legend or to be like the rest?

That is a choice. I see a lot of people with great potential doing the same old shit. Yawn, eye roll, sigh… The carbon copies 🤮 The spiritual basic bitch 🙄 The bougie coach 🙄 The classic entrepreneur 🙄 The boring online courses. 😳 This list goes on…. BE YOU. 🔥 Why’s that an issue with people? That’s the fire. 🔥 That’s the inspiration. 🔥 That’s the fuck yes to people. 🔥 People in my industry: “Why doesn’t my biz make money?” Because you’re fucken boring and do the same shit other people do is reason #1. (I’m not getting into the rest in this post, stay tuned. 😛) I don’t know who you are! I can’t feel you! I can’t hear you! In a world full of distractions you are a silent dim Lightworker? You are an uncertain coach? You don’t believe in your mentor abilities? Umm 🤔 Want to keep playing it safe? Fine…. Here’s the results… You’ll never feel fulfilled. 🫠 You’ll never feel excitement.🫠 You’ll never get fully behind what you’re offering. 🫠 You’re clients will suck the life out of you. 🫠 And you will just always think and feel that you suck. 🫠🤷🏻‍♀️…..and sorry will your bank account. 😩 ✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻✋🏻 Every coach/mentor I’ve invested in carried something different and stood strong in who they are regardless. They pissed people off. They told the truth. They were always authentic. They fully committed to being them! They honored their worth. 💵 And weren’t afraid to talk about anything. Face your shit! Be real. Be vulnerable. That’s POWERFUL 🔥 In a world full a fake fuckery, talk about all the things people need to hear. 🌈 This is how legends are born. 🔥 This is how legends are created. 🔥 This is how you carry and create a LEGACY. 🔥🔥🔥 It’s NOT just about the money. It’s about the IMPACT you make. Small businesses are targeted by the G.O.V because there’s a lot of us that have a great social impact. We are here to really help and make changes in the people, community, families, culture and the world. If you’re not here to do this. 👆🏻 I’m not your mentor. Go to someone else who can help you with your BS plan to just cash in. My high level clients are making an impact. Changes so intense they become a threat. A threat to a bullshit system trying to keep people down. Spend the next 6 months to a year with me and watch your world evolve and transform. 🔥 Legacy Mastermind Open for enrollment. Spaces are limited and filling quick. 🔥 DM me asap 🙏🏻😜 Photo Wicked Depiction Photography

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