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Believe in the Vision

God damn it’s already 2022. I remember this time last year I had 15 days to get out of the old Ascension Nxt Space. I told my landlord I was going to be out by January 15th. . . I didn’t know where I was going. What was really next, Or what the fuck I was doing. . . I received insight numerous times through meditation to get out of the old space. This wasn’t how it happened every time I moved. I moved my business twice before and it was always super easy and just flowed. This time it was different and I said yes to completely jumping into the void and risking losing everything I’ve built. I trusted in the Divine and my intuitive gifts to guide me. I mean I had to, right??? I talk the talk of being a Galactic G alllllll time, it was time to walk the walk. . . This last transition was wild and at times I didn’t know if I would make it through. I left the 15th of January FEELING I would find my new space within 2 weeks and I wasn’t wrong. I found a space but the deal fell through in February. I was devastated and started to question myself and my abilities. I hated working from home, I realized during this period how important it is for me to have an actual physical location for Ascension Nxt. I learned a lot about the needs and wants of my business and myself. . . I ended up finding the new space in February, and signed the lease in March. It felt like it took YEARS to find this space. At times I felt like I was losing my mind working from home. I felt like I was crawling out of my skin and really ready to emerge to the next level. . . I had to be PATIENT. Ugghhh the word patience drove me MAD during that time period! It was daunting, grueling, dark, scary and immensely painful waiting during this transition. At points I wanted to give up, but I couldn’t because the only way I could go was forward. Forward or DIE and lose it all. I had no choice but to trust MYSELF and the VISION. And when the new space came along I was like oooohh shit am I really doing this?? . . YEEEEEEEEEEP . . It was a leap beyond what I could have ever imagined, but again I made it so I had NO CHOICE and the only choice was to DO IT AND BE IT. Honestly looking back I’m so glad that its over but it was all worth it! . . But also looking back I’m like wtf IT DIDN’T EVEN TAKE THAT LONG!!!! Deanna was by my side the whole time and when we both look back we’re like WTF it felt like an eternity. It was an immensely intense lesson of trust, faith, and allowing myself to let go of everything I knew to be true. . . Why am I telling you this story??? . . All caps here A LOT OF PEOPLE SET THE GOALS, HAVE THE VISIONS, HAVE THE SET BACKS, THEN QUIT!!! Yep you just throw in the towel WHILE the Magick is happening. You don’t even realize the Magick is happening because you’re in the fucken jungle at the moment. You’re like wtf this is awful, I’m stupid, no one likes me and what I’m doing, blah blah blah and you QUIT!! . . You start thinking you were WRONG You start thinking your visions were BULLSHIT Then you start thinking about the 801 reasons you’re an idiot for believing in yourself . . You’re not realizing when you hold your vision strong the Divine is working it all out for you! Thank God the first space fell through. I drive by it all the time and think of what a head ache it would have been and it’s a fucken dump! I would have had to do so much work out of pocket to make it look nice, in the space I have now my Landlord did IT ALL. I just moved in! It’s a beautiful space where I can continue to build and grow, it’s absolutely PERFECT for what I’m creating for Ascension Nxt! . . So my point being.... HOLD THE VISION ALWAYS HOLD THE LINE in your stupid egotistical mind trying to fuck your shit up HOLD YOUR HEART and DREAMS close And don’t ever give up when it’s dark and dreary. . . Today is the last day to enroll in the Wealth SHIFT. Our main focus is to hold your Visions strong going into 2022 . . I walk my talk Will you going into 2022???? . . Link in the below

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