Updated: May 9, 2021

I’m really beginning to see the life force being drained from people by staying in toxic relationships. This is something I’ve noticed strongly over the last 6 months.

This is scary to witness, literally looking at people years later and they have no life in them. Sometimes I’ve noticed significant changes in people over months! They don’t look the same, feel the same, and at some points are completely unrecognizable, but not in a GOOD WAY. Their energy is lifeless, dark, dingy, and murky.

This is suicide, staying in toxicity because you feel it’s right for everyone around you. What about you? What will those people you care about think or feel when you end up sick or dead?

It’s so funny how people spend buku bucks on anti aging products when all you need to do is stop lying to yourself about the current reality. Youth integrates through joy, happiness, and freedom.

Also for those that think they’re doing this for some “greater good” 99% of the time that’s bullshit, you’re causing more harm to the people around you with the energy your projecting and the energy the relationship is projecting. Who ever is around this consistently will integrate all of this, especially children. They will take the program and continue the cycling of toxic relationships if it’s not disconnected or transmuted.

Stop doing this. This is literally pollution to the mind, body, soul, and the collective. The more healthy, honest and deeply loving relationships we have on the planet the better the vibes will be.

I know there’s people who needed to hear this message. I’m seeing this shit waaaaaay too much as of late.

Friendly reminder: YOU ARE WORTHY OF MORE!

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