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Becoming a High Level Coach and Mentor

How do you become a high level coach and mentor? . . Learn from someone’s who done it. Learn from someone who has experience. INVEST IN YOURSELF INVEST IN YOURBUSINESS . . “My business makes no money.” Because you don’t put any money into it! Stop treating your business like a bastard child. . . So you want to make REAL money? But you don’t want to SPEND real money? Let me ask you... What kind of energy exchange is that? What message are you sending out to the universe about your purpose work and your business that you supposedly love and believe in? . . So many people treat their businesses like it’s a burden instead of nurturing it. Your business is an energy and you should be feeding it constantly. . . Treat your business like it’s your baby... Would you let your baby starve? Would you ignore your baby? Would you put other peoples babies in front of your baby? Would you leave shitty diapers on your baby?? . . I’m pretty sure if you were a decent human being you wouldn’t do any of the above, yet most of you treat your business like it’s a smelly, annoying orphan bastard, but then you want it to show love to you? Good luck. . . Feed your business. Give it lots of love, attention, and beautiful words of affirmation. Put your business first! I don’t care if you have another job right now, act like you won’t have that job soon, stop putting other peoples opinions and bullshit in front of your biz. The shitty diaper...these are the fuck ups and failures, learn from them, clean them up and MOVE ON! . . You want more, give more energetically. When I first started my business I always looked as investments as losing money. What a stupid fucken mind set that was...

Now I believe and am completely certain every time I invest in my business and myself it comes back times 10 and it’s does! . . Let someone with experience teach you, mentor you, and show you the ropes! Stop acting like you know everything because you don’t! I love working under a mentor and learning new things, it feeds my soul and intern I feed my BIZ. . . I started selling high level programs when I learned from high level coaches. It really is that simple. Watch, listen, and learn. The more I invested the more I made with my clients because I began to understand my value and my worth. Through an experienced persons eyes and mindset they helped me pull back, see from another perspective and push forward. . . I’m here to share the wealth. I’m here to share the wisdom. I’m here to help you hold your vision high. . . How are you going to become a Head Bitch in Charge by pinching your pennies? . . Enlightened HBIC enrollment closes this Friday! . . Connect with me for more info. Link in the below!

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