Top 5 lessons for Being a Boss Bitch with Integrity

Updated: Aug 5, 2021

The top 5 lessons I’ve learned over the years of being a Boss Bitch with integrity.... . . #1. Figure out who the fuck you are and stand strong and firm in these beliefs NO MATTER WHAT! . . Don’t let people try to sway you into believing their opinions as to how to run your business. Anyone who truly respects you and your work will never overstep and try to manipulate your vision, your standards, and your decisions. I’ve allowed way too many “opinions” into my business that have caused me major set backs. I’ve learned over the years when you’re the captain of the ship, don’t take SHIT. You started the journey, you have the say, you have the final word. End of story! The fact of the matter is no one will ever truly understand your story but YOU. . . #2. Know your worth and KNOW your value... . . People will always try to undervalue you, your services, and your creations. In all honesty this is a reflection of themselves. Anyone who devalues someone with a great rapport, strong foundation, and good reputation deserves cheap. Let the cheap fucks go to people that don’t have experience and/or can’t stand strong in their own vision. That’s what they deserve, you get what you pay for. All in all they feel they don’t deserve great so they’ll never have it. Greatness isn’t cheap. Good and OK is. Remember that and people will remember you when they are ready to receive and step into GREATNESS. . . #3. There WILL Always be DISTRACTIONS....ALWAYS . . People talking shit, people disrespecting, people telling lies, people trying to ride your coat tales, chaos in the collective.....the list goes on and on. It’s how you DEAL with the bullshit that makes you an awesome boss and inspiring entrepreneur. Let them talk while you walk. The lies will always be revealed and the truth will eventually be seen. Keep showing up in integrity and you’ll have nothing to worry about. The only thing you should be monitoring is your excuses as to why you aren’t fully BEING YOU. It’s not them, it’s you. You allow them to effect your work. You allow the outside world and outside opinions to get to you. Know yourself, and the distractions will become a wisp in the wind. . . #4. Take time to REFLECT. . . This was a hard lesson for me. I have always charged forward no matter what and I never gave myself enough time to evaluate my mistakes. Hence making the same mistakes over and over again and many times they would show up in different ways. It took me a while to learn that taking a step back actually helps with taking big steps forward. Pause and reflect, it will help you immensely! It will help with your growth, your healing and releasing all the low vibes that you attracted in the past. You DON’T need to keep repeating the past, but you WILL if you don’t learn the lessons. . . #5. Failure is a great part of SUCCESS . . Too many people allow their failures to ruin them, run them down, and drag them into the abyss. This connects so much with #4, take time to reflect on your failures and mistakes, but LET THEM GO! No one really cares as much as you. You can’t become a winner without being a loser first. The problem is most people just give up when they lose and go back to what’s comfortable. Being a true boss and entrepreneur isn’t fucken comfortable. It’s not for the weak, it’s for the resilient. You want to be the best and have the best? You need to master your failures and honor your losses. Only then can you truly build a strong, sturdy empire. . . The last 7 months have been quite a ride for me to get to where I am in the current moment. Lots of ups and downs, lots of breaking points, lots of proud and happy moments. I’m finally beginning to feel settled in my new spaceship and the Lions Gate Portal is about to open! . . I’ve decided I’ll be hosting a Spirit Circle dedicated to this energy! More deets coming soon!

Photo: Wicked Depiction Photography

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