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Galactic Emergence


Galactic emergence Enrollment is now closed. 

next enrollment will be winter 2022

Although Galactic Emergence is now closed until next winter, check out Ashley's FREE Arcturian Gateway Group on Facebook for activations, lives and information.

Why Learn a Healing Modality?

Why not? 


When you learn a healing modality, it helps you learn how to read energies and frequencies with more ease because you are a clear channel. It gives you a safe and  direct connection to the source of that particular energy and an overall guide on how to work with it. Why wouldn’t you want to learn a healing modality?


I don’t know how many times (probably hundreds) in my career I have told people “You need to learn a healing modality.” I was lost before I learned Reiki. I was just playing around with cards and crystals without knowing how to channel properly. I can guarantee, many of you reading this, are natural healers. However, if you don’t know how to work with your energy correctly, you can be pulling in lower frequencies who don’t have your best interest at heart. Healing modalities are protected rays of energies and are sacred to those who learn and practice. Plus, when you learn a healing modality, you are connecting to other people in your community and mentors who can help guide you through the process of working with this energy and frequency. 


What is galactic emergence?

Galactic Emergence is the future of energy healing. In 2010 I learned Usui Reiki and it rocked my world! It changed the game and changed my life! I learned how important it is to be in tune with your higher-self, shift energies and raise frequencies. Over the years I worked with many different healing modalities including Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), Arcturian Healing and different forms of Reiki. With healing modalities, I also learned different variations of divination, including card readings, Akashic Record readings, and different channeling methods. Additionally, I learned hypnosis techniques, allowing me to facilitate Past Life Regressions and meditative journey sessions. All of these teachings have allowed me to create Galactic Emergence. 


Galactic Emergence is the next level for a healing modality, essentially you can look at it as a Galactic Form of Reiki with 12 Levels! Working with GE you will learn many different healing methods as you advance in each level. 


Level one is ruled by Archangel Uriel, the Element of Earth, and connects you to the Arcturus and Sirius star energies.The first 4 Levels will be connected to an element, an Archangel, and star energies. In this level, you will learn a basic clearing of the nine chakras from the Soul Star to the Earth Star. The session will end with a power-up activation using star power and or pyramid power, ending with a Soul Star activation. You will be learning THREE different techniques in just Level 1. This healing modality is NEXT LEVEL.


Who is galactic emergence for?

Reiki or other energy practitioners ready to uplevel their practice 

Anyone who wants to learn how to safely channel into Galactic energy 

Those who feel connected and or drawn to Galactic energies (Starseeds, lightworkers)

Holistic practitioners that want to learn a healing modality 

Business owners who are ready to expand 

Anyone who is ready to take it to the next level in their spiritual practice


In Level 1 of Galactic Emergence, you will learn:

- Facilitating an energy healing session on yourself and other people

- Activating the energy system 

- Balancing the energy system

- The importance of self care as an energy healer

- What being soul-aligned means 

- How to balance Earth Energy and Galactic Energy

- Boundaries and Discernment as a practitioner 

- Knowing your worth

- Ashley’s personal experience of eight years in the field


In Level 1 of Galactic Emergence, you will receive:

- (4) 30 minute attunements 

- Activation to Sirius and Arcturus star energies 

- Star Power and Pyramid Power upgrade frequency techniques

- Deprogramming attunement (releases attachments and parasites)

- Galactic Emergence manual 

- Space Clearing document 

- Access to all replays (including teachings and attunements) on Kajabi 

- Access to private Facebook Group

- Certification optional

Level 1 priced at $333

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