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Akashic Records Readings

Akashic Record Readings are back with limited spots available per month, both online and in person.  


These readings will be 45-60 minutes where I will be working within your Akashic Records, awakening your soul, elevating your vibe and connecting you to your highest and best self, ALWAYS.

What Are Akashic Records?

The term Akashic comes from the Sanskrit word akasa, which connects to the words sky, ethers, or space.


The Akashic records is known as the Universal Library which holds all thoughts, feelings, emotions, and experiences within the natural world and other vibrational frequencies humans have yet to scientifically discover.


In an Akashic Records Reading the facilitator can tap into personal information from this current lifetime, past lives, and even future lives. The records also assist in giving the receiver healings, downloads, and energetic upgrades when needed.


 “The Akashic Records can be defined as a vibrating field of information about the energetic and natural worlds, about your own soul and eternal existence, and about every soul consciousness throughout time. The records span eternity and hold every bit of universal information – from the wisdom of ancient societies to the discoveries yet to be made in the quantum physical world.” 

- Sandra Anne Taylor 

Hi everyone its Ashley and I wanted to explain in my owns words the importance of Akashic Record Readings to my clients and customers. Yes I still love Tarot and Oracle, in fact I use them for my self daily, but as many of you know I am here to connect my clients to deeper spiritual development which is why I chose to only offer Akashic Record Readings and nix the Tarot and Oracle with my services.  If you are interested in Tarot or Oracle Card Readings please check out Ascensionnxt.com for the readers in our space. They are amazing and can help you with a more general reading and spiritual guidance. 

These readings are a deep dive into the soul and soul development. It is suggested that you prepare when receiving an Akashic Record reading with some mediation and or clearing before the session to receive the most insightful messages. During these readings I have shifted peoples energy and opened them up to many new ideas, perspectives, and a better connection to their higher self. We can cover a lot of information in one session and you will receive at least one page full of notes as to your next steps and how to proceed to move forward with your spiritual journey. 


Here’s some examples as to what we may cover in these readings:

  • Souls Mission & Purpose Work (My favorite to help guide people through) 

  • Energy Blocks, the understanding of whats going on and how to move forward 

  • Information and Connection to Spirit Guides

  • Ancestor Connections and Karmic Patterns that may need clearing 

  • Any questions about next steps in life to create serious change 

  • Past Life Information

  • Intuitive, Psychic Development 

  • Relationship Patterns, Issues, How to connect to your love on a higher frequency? 


Limited Spaces Available Per Month

Price Per Reading  $333

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Specials Going into 2022!

Akashic Record Business Readings


This feels really aligned and a great way to help people connect to the energy of their businesses on a different level. 

These readings will consist of 45-60 mins of channeling and connecting you to the energy of your business. Within this we will connect with more detailed information you may need to help your business excel and expand over the next few years. I would mainly like to focus on 2022 going into these readings but if other information for the years to come decides to pop in then so be it! 

Your business is an energy, a being and we all need to connect to our businesses as if they are alive and living.

🔥What do they need from us?

🔥How can we hear and understand them better?

🔥What are we not seeing and or avoiding?

🔥Are their disconnects with the communication?

I will open your Akashic Records in this reading and call the energy of your business in. I will connect your energy field to your businesses in a sacred space so you can hear and feel the messages I am relaying. It will be very sacred and protected. I’m extremely passionate about getting people moving and creating momentum with their purpose work.

Some of the information we can tap into is:

 🛸How can you show up more aligned with the energy of your business?

🛸Who are your soul aligned clients and customers and what do they want to hear from you?

🛸How can you properly communicate with your business and hear, feel, and see the needs and the visions?

🛸Diving into your fears of being seen, heard and exposed to a larger audience. 

🛸Money, abundance, wealth and how you can up-level in this area to bring more in so your business can maintain and expand.

These are just some ideas and ways to connect. Overall it’s up to you and what you feel you need to know for your reading. I can’t wait to help you all connect on a deeper level to the energy of your business/purpose work and watch it grow! The world needs us, let’s show up fully and 100%.

You can opt in for in-person or zoom. Here’s the link, once you pay you will be emailed to book your appointment ASAP. 

Price Per Reading $444


Sacred Union Akashic Record Readings 

The Sacred Union is calling to many....

My connection with Mary Magdalene brought me this message to share with you. 

The Divine King and Divine Queen 👑 

The Divine Masculine and the Divine Feminine.

These energies are uniting, these energies are connecting in the higher realms as we speak.

These energies are ready to fully connect in the physical. 

🔥True Love has been lost through the conditioning of having to be something you are not meant to be. 

🔥True love has been lost through social and religious programming and restrictions.

🔥True love has been lost because self love and self awareness have been put on the back burner, and or non existent in many peoples life’s.

🔥True love has been lost simply because we are taught to settle and not seek fulfillment and deep connections. When in reality deep connections are the only thing that TRULY exist and are the only energies that connect you to the highest forms of Love. 

We are taught to settle because “something is better than nothing”. When in reality being in the void and nothingness teach us about the depth of the heart and true unity consciousness. On this path you find deep connections because of the inner connection with self. The inner connection with YOU and only YOU brings you to the highest form of love. You only then begin to find your soul tribe. 

Settling is not love, and settling is not unity. Kings and Queens don’t settle and that is why they rule, that is why they lead. The Sacred Unions will lead because they choose depth, they choose substance, they choose sanctity, they choose wholeness within themselves 1st to create a true bond with another. THEY ARE NOT 2 HALFS CREATING A WHOLE. The Sacred Union is 2 that are whole coming together to create a NEW energy. 



Sacred Union Akashic Record Readings will go over the following:

🔥What do you need to know and understand about yourself to connect to your sacred union?

🔥What may be getting in the way of this connection and how to release the blocks?

🔥Self love and self awareness channeled messages. You cannot connect deeply to someone else if you aren’t connecting deeply within.

🔥If you are already in a loving relationship, how can you bring this relationship to the next level?

🔥Any ancestral or Karmic Clearing information or energy shifting to help receive this high frequency love.

🔥Connection to spirit guides that are trying to help you excel in this area? Who are they and how can they help you? 


I will facilitate a 15-20 min activation that will help you up-level and or clear to receive a deeper connection to your sacred union. This will be emailed a week after your reading. 


Readings are available in person and online through zoom. 


Price  Per Reading $444