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We create the reality we want to live in... 

What is “G” Self?

6-12 month commitment (minimum) group membership designed to support people in monthly trainings that connect to or are associated with…


  • Astral Realm Development 

  • Manifestation Techniques 

  • Spiritual Development trainings (intuitive channeling, psychic work, energy work etc) 

  • Energy Healing Activations 

  • Meditations

  • Motivational/Inspirational Talks to keep you on your path and aligned with purpose 


As well as the trainings you will be in a private fb group with others who are doing the work you are doing. Support is important when you are on the journey and learning. 


✨Manifestation is evolving to receive. 

✨Manifestation happens when you understand who you TRULY are.

✨Manifestation, personal development, self care, and deep dive shadow work ALL go hand and hand.

✨Manifestation is BELIEVING no matter what bullshit shows up in the physical.

✨Manifestation is becoming the Alchemist and tapping into your “G” Self to transform your reality. 

✨It takes full on COMMITMENT to your Manifestations to make them a reality. 

Why Join “G” Self?

Commitment equals results. I see a lot of people on this path dive in and run for the hills when it gets too intense. In order to have the best results you need to commit and be honest with the work that is needed. 


“G” Self is about accountability


You will be given assignments to do on your own or with a partner of your choice to help develop and fine tune your skills. You will learn and excel if you put the work in. It’s that simple. 


Creating the reality you desire is some HARDCORE real and raw shit! A lot of people can't do it because they don't want to commit. Its a choice to expand and excel. 


Here’s what you will receive when you join….

-Access to the private fb group 

-Access to all trainings 

-Access to the replays on Thinkific (separate platform where trainings are organized and in sequential order) 

-Discounts on  services 

-Discounts on some online trainings outside of the group 

Schedule coming up.....

January Vibes (Intro Month) 


-Intro to the Astral (1/18)

-Manifesting like a G (1/24) 

-Motivation Mondays 

-Galactic Energy Activations 


February Vibes (Who are you REALLY?)


-Connection with your higher self training (2/15) 

-Releasing the lies (understanding programs and conditioning that keep you in the cycles) (2/28)

-Motivation Mondays 

-Galactic Energy Activations 


March (Money MF Magick Month) Dates TBA 


-Let’s talk about DEBT (Intense Training) 

-You are the wealth frequency money training 

-Motivation Mondays  

-Bank account activations & clearings 

At this point in my career (10 years in), I feel it's time to commit to a membership that will shift the shit out of people’s realities. Now that I can fully focus on my coaching and dedicate most of my time to creating online creations, I’m so ready to blow the lid on this new membership. 


“G” self is a term that came to me as I was moving out of the Warwick location. It represents evolving like a ‘G”. If you know me you know that I am always ready to take things to the next level and do it with some spiritual gangsta vibes. 


This monthly container is not for the weak, it is for those that want to dive face first into the astral realms to understand who tf they are and why they came to this earth. “G” Self  represents your highest version of yourself in the astral. There are many different versions of yourself on a higher timeline that want to connect with you NOW. 


So while the world is in chaos you can step into consistency and embody this energy all day everyday. 


How do you CONSISTENTLY do this? It can be tough, it takes a lot of spiritual development, discernment and support to maintain and connect to high frequency energy WHILE learning how to tap into YOUR intuitive abilities. 


I realized over the years, this is one of the biggest pain points in the spiritual community ……how do YOU work with your abilities while evolving, changing and shifting constantly, while making progress? 


Its craziness! But you can do it, with systems, teachings, and support. 


Welcome to “G” SELF!!

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