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Are you ready to take your Reading Business to the next level?

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Are you a Reader urging to get your name out there, get to more people, and share your divine gifts? 

Let me guess some of the excuses that are blocking your biz from exploding…


💀You’re scared of lives and getting on camera

💀The field is over saturated and you feel no one’s paying attention to you

💀You’re not “good enough” yet to get paid 

💀You don’t know how to price your Readings 


These are just some excuses I hear from Readers and most are BULLSHIT! 


If you have the urge then it means your meant to do it! I have solutions to all of these “issues” above.


Who’s Reader Biz for?


🔥Newbies who are ready to read, get their name out there and start a side hustle while stepping into their purpose work.


🔥Also seasoned readers who aren’t the best at promo and putting themselves out there. You want to reach more people you’re just nervous as to how. 

Vision....How can I help you? 

In this Mastermind I’m going to go over 3 different styles of promo to help different personalities connect with people. 

1.Basic promo…Don’t want to do lives and videos? Still camera shy? Great I have solutions as to how you can show up and still rock it!


2.Middle ground….You’re ready to do lives, pre-recorded videos and posts showcasing your skills. I got a bunch of ideas and strategies for you my dear.


3.You’re ready to fly high and share your spirit with the world! I got strategies as to how to showcase your awesome personality with value content!


These different styles of promo will help ALL LEVELS of readers and open your mind to news ways to connecting with your audience. 


I built a multi 6 figure Biz in 2 Years after I started shifting my promo and selling Mentorship packages. 


I will be sharing idea as to how to take your Reader skills and Mentor your clients on a whole other level!


Reader Biz WILL TRANSFORM the way you think about your Reading business and open you up to new avenues as to how to create a sustainable business while staying aligned with what suits you, your soul, and your personality. 

This course is so worth the investment!


What does this online course include??


How to scale a Reading business Live trainings pertaining to:



✅Story Telling Oracle 

✅Connecting with your Audience 

✅Showcasing Authenticity as a Reader 


And of course Pricing your services 🔥


Are you Reading or Coaching or BOTH??

This is such an important question to ask yourself?


If you’re getting the same clients coming back, there’s a good chance they need a Mentor/Teacher. Which places your service in a different price range. 


🔮Get clear 

🔮Know your worth

🔮Create packages 

🔮Create a sustainable biz 


✅3 Different styles of promo that I feel are the best for readers 

✅Connect with your audience 

✅Sell your services 


🔥Access to replays 

🔥Private Facebook Group 

🔥Live Trainings 

🔥Journaling Prompts 

🔥Live Coaching 

We start officially the week of the 21st! All trainings will be live in a private Facebook group! You will have access to ALL the replays in online course platform Thinkific and Facebook!

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