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Spiritual Basic Bitch

Image by Jesse Collins

What is a Spiritual Basic Bitch?

A lot of you have been hearing me use this term for months. I really believe that keeping people at the basic bitch level is a way to control people. Especially keeping people at the Spiritual Basic Bitch level.


"Wear Chakra t-shirts, yoga pants, flower crowns, do prayer poses with sage, don’t swear, be nice and play with crystals...then you’ll be enlightened... oh and don’t eat cheese."

Bitch I’ll eat cheese and be the realest most spiritual muthafucker ever! My energy is clearer now than trying to be something I’m NOT.


Rule #1 to a deep spiritual connection.....BE YOU. Don’t try be shit that doesn’t align with you!



You know me, I’m alllllll about uncomfortable expansion. It’s just fun for me to make people feel uncomfortable, I’ve enjoyed it since a young age. If only I received a dollar for every time I heard my Mom yell “Ashley be quiet!” I ALWAYS talked shit or said things that other people wouldn’t. I was a witty little shit head from day one, no one could stop me! No one ever will!



Anyways, everyone needs to begin somewhere, hence foundational teachings! I don’t mind teaching them! This is all stuff I’ve taught before in my "Come to Ascension Nxt and do the 101 Courses with me" days.



The cool thing about this program is you will have unlimited access to this content. Prepare to be widely entertained. Learn the basics and move on!



Then you’ll be on your way to being the Enlightened HBIC (Head Bitch In Charge)

Image by Jesse Collins



I will be doing the first training for free, which will be Exploring the Energy Centers. The free training includes:

  • Exploring the 9 main Chakras and the energy they embody. 

  • Their importance for spiritual advancement

  • Working with the Chakras (clearing, integrating, and shifting the energies).

  • Share my personal experiences working with the energy centers. I have been facilitating energy work for over 10 years. 

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Image by Jesse Collins

Paid Program Includes:


The Power of Crystals

  • The Magickal history behind crystals and the secret power they hold

  • Answering the question “Why are we attracted to crystals?”

  • Cleaning and caring for crystal

  • Different types of crystals and how to work with them

Grounding and Protection

  • What grounding is

  • The importance of grounding

  • Basics of protecting your energy field.

  • Magickal Protection VS Psychic Protection 

Angelic Realm & Ascended Master Realm

  • Spiritual Hierarchy

  • The order of Angels & Ascended Masters and how they assist humanity

  • Connecting to Archangels and Ascended Masters

  • Experiences working with specific Ascended Masters

Creating Sacred Space

 Throughout the years I’ve realized this is one of the most important foundational practices when it comes to really expanding and elevating in your spiritual practice. Many people completely disregard the importance of their energy and how to keep it Sacred. I will go over the following.

  • Self Care and Healing 

  • Living the Sacred Life 

  • Why Sacred Space is needed

  • Healing Vs Magick 

  • Altars

  • Discipline in practice

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