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2022 Intentions

My intentions for 2022... . . Trust my Visions Be the Vision Stop asking & KNOWING I WILL Tripling my Biz Love Being Vulnerable . . These are just some of my intentions, but trusting my Visions is #1 going into 2022. This year the Divine downloaded and illuminated many creations into my field and all to many times I doubted because of what I was seeing in the physical. Going into 2022 I stand firm in believing what I’m being shown in the astral and detaching from the how’s, why’s, who’s, whens, and where. I will allow myself to accept it, and move forward. I will allow myself to accept it and say who cares on the hows and step into the knowing of it will BE. I admit I have had serious issues with letting go in the past and I now decide to SHIFT into surrendering in the moment. Divine timing is ALL. . . I just got off the 1st live for my new program the Wealth SHIFT (33 Days of shifting your wealth frequencies) and I’m super excited about the energies in this program. My intentions in creating this is to help people become aware of what needs to SHIFT to bring your visions to life.

All too many times we down play our visions of the DREAM life and say no because we don’t understand how it’s going to happen. FUCK THAT......YOU AND ONLY YOU WILL MAKE IT HAPPEN. . . NOT A WISH NOT ASKING FOR PERMISSION NOT WAITING FOR THE RIGHT TIME NOT DOUBTING NOT THINKING YOU NEED TO BE “LUCKY” . . Don’t ever call a Wealthy and successful person “lucky”. I don’t believe in luck, I believe in WILL. WILLING it to happen. . . The Wealth SHIFT is open for enrollment until 1/1. I’m deciding my 2022 goals WILL come to life. What are you deciding for this upcoming year? Or are you still at a crossroads? Usually you can’t get to your goals because you question your visions and wait too damn long to execute. Just do it NOW! The wealth shift WILL... . . Help you become more clear on goals Tapping in to trust your visions KNOWING YOUR WORTH DECIDE TAKE ACTION NOW SHIFT TODAY . . There will be 14 Divine Temple activations to help you envision what needs to be released in order to allow more in. Motivational Voice Audios Pop up LIVE teachings Inspiring Journaling Prompts Group Telegram Text Support . . In tonights live I gave a run down on 3 pivotal points on how I shifted my Wealth Frequency to opt into my ultimate dream for Ascension Nxt and taking the big leap to be where I am now. . . Was it easy? NOPE Did I do it? YEP Was it worth it? HELL YEAH . . Enroll now only 5 more days to embark on this journey. . . Link in the Below...

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