Be a follower, never a leader... 🤡

Be a follower NEVER a leader. RIGHT? Isn’t that what life’s about? Seems it. Looks it. Appears to be that way....for many.

It’s what most humans like to hear, feel, and sense. Many find comfort in others making decisions for them. Many find comfort in lies and illusions. Many find comfort in a phony person who speaks in a nice tone but doesn’t have good intentions.

Your intentions create your reality... Corruption Fraudulent Leaders Gaslighting Narcissists Lies Deceit Destruction All the fun things 👽

“Why is the world like this?! I can’t take this anymore! 😩”

But you do. You live it. You speak it. You become IT.

All of the above is a reflection of what we accept, what we allow, what we feel is good for now.

Settling for less can bring the collective as a whole to some dark shitty places. And here we are, wondering what happened? ☹️


We are learning. We are growing. We are shedding and shredding through what no longer serves a us. In chaos, but better than nothing right?

I’m beginning to believe the meaning to life or at least one reason we incarnate is a test to see how pure you can keep your soul living in a corrupt reality.

The corruption is essentially injections in the soul that pull the being away from the light. It’s programming, conditioning, and indoctrination. This is garbage being placed in the soul since birth. This is what pollutes our reality then intern pollutes us. Our job as Awakened beings is to cleanse and purify our souls which will intern cleanse the reality.

As your soul awakens you begin to feel your connection to the Divine. As your connection to the Divine deepens you shift the reality around you, intern helping others shift as well.

None of this can or will happen without you going through a process of cleansing the soul. In order to cleanse and feel that purity you must move through the darkness which is just crap injected into our consciousness. The issue is people have a hard time letting it go because it’s comfortable and easy. Life is so much “easier” when you don’t have to think. Is it? Is that life or are you already dead?

Purify your soul 🔥 Care for your soul 🔥 Maintain your soul 🔥 Watch it grow 🔥 Watch it expand 🔥 Feel it evolve 🔥

That’s when you begin to lead and make changes. 🔥

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