Being "Spiritual" Isn't a Hobby

Being “spiritual” isn’t a hobby, trendy, or just something cool to do. It’s waaaay more than that. . . It’s a way of life. It’s a way of living in your full potential. . . I was having a conversation with my friend last night about how we can’t picture ourselves doing anything else. I don’t tap into the Divine when I’m bored, or because I need something “fun” to do. I do this because I have no choice, I’m a fucken outer worldly being in my heart, my soul, all the way down to the core and the essence beyond “Ashley”. My Spiritual journey is my journey through this life, life and spirituality are ONE TO ME. . . I’ll be honest, I’m not here for the bored housewife’s who are looking for something fun to do to get away from their husbands. This is why I stopped doing readings. I was sick of showing up to houses with crazy drunk women asking me to tell them about some loser guy and their “fortune”. Fuck your fortune lady, why don’t you stop spending money on dumb shit like wine, bags, and things to impress men that don’t WANT YOU and invest in making your life better. Self LOVE & healing trauma will make you BETTER. Not escapism! . . It’s crazy too me how many people think people like me are going to give them the answers. The answers are IN YOU. I’m just a guide. Stop, stop, STOP thinking that spiritual work is something you put to the side when you have extra TIME AND MONEY. If you really want serious change look at your priorities, not some douche that won’t even answer your TEXTS! . . Today I started my program PRESENCE! I went in on just the Intro Video! This program is for Spiritual people who REALLY REALLY want to do this work, want to go to the next level and want to discover more about themselves. . . Get in now because I’m closing the container this Friday! Check out the link below! . . Live the life, find another hobby. Presence is for those that are ready to be CHANGE MAKERS. . . Are you in? . . . . Photo by Laura Sarlitto

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