Being the “Martyr” and “Wounded Healer”

I remember looking at powerful coaches and mentors like a bunch of cocky narcissistic scam artists when I was knee deep in being the “Spiritual Teacher”. I was like “wow these people got balls talking about themselves like they are a gift from god”. . . I was TOTALLY stuck in the energy of being the “Martyr” and the “Wounded Healer”. . . Not charging what I was worth. Scared to talk about myself. Scared to tell clients they needed more work done when they really did. Scared to fully be me. . . Funny thing is at the time I HAD NO IDEA how toxic this was and how much of a DISSERVICE this was to me, my clients, and the world. I was literally trying to be a leader hiding with my head down. What the fuck was I thinking? . . Well I was programmed to believe I was working with “integrity”. . . LOL ...HOW WAS I IN INTEGRITY WHEN I WAS LYING TO MYSELF? . . I wanted to be a leader but I was half assing it and not showing up fully. That’s NOT being in integrity! . . Then in 2019 I began my coaching business and my whole paradigm SHIFTED. Ohhhhhh so this is what integrity looks like? Being full, being whole, and being 100% real. . . I used to cringe even thinking of posting about myself and my story. Now I can’t wait to write posts, talk about my experiences and give people the real deal. In fact when I don’t show up I don’t feel right. It’s an amazing energy exchange to share my content and have others who need the inspiration to receive it. . . IT WAS SCARY IT WAS HORRIFYING . . But I KNEW I HAD TO DO IT. That’s purpose work! That’s stepping into your sovereignty! It scares the fuck out of you because it’s next level! . . In 2019 I decided to go full force and allow other Queens to crown me and help me find my worth and dig deep into my truth. . . Now it’s my turn to crown other Queens! . . Are you sick of hiding? Are you sick of sacrificing? Are you sick of the struggle? . . Connect with me for the deets

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