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It's just the season of the witch

Must BE 🎃 It’s all year round for me though🧙🏼‍♀️ New Service announcement coming soon. Maybe it’s not so new… Maybe it’s old and ancient like my soul 🔮 Announcement this Thursday 🔮 Also definitely join me this Wednesday live on the Ascension Nxt Socials… Ascension Nxt FB @ascensionnxt401 IH

“Sip the Spiritual Tea with Ashley V” What will the topic be this coming week? You’ll definitely want to grab your tea for this.

“The truth about the Spiritual community. What its like being a professional practitioner in the community.”

🔮The positives & negatives 🔮How to maintain & sustain 🔮Relationships w/ others 🔮Behind the scenes of Ascension Nxt

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