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Channeled message from Ascended Master Melchizedek and Archangel Micheal...

Within the next few years we will see a rise in mental health issues at an extreme level. This will be a world wide issue.

The energy of denial compresses the energy field to the point where it can’t “breathe”. Again be careful of the words you speak. You are manifesting so much into your realities at a rapid rate.

You must honor and protect your field at this time, there is a lot of false information from all ends trying to create disruption in the energy body. The more you move your body, practice self care, and speak from the essence of love you can release and move the energy.

Accepting information for what it is and moving forward without judgement will help you stay in a healthy space. This will be a test for many.

There are many aspects of denial, much of the essence of this frequency is what you need to work on within yourself. What are you ignoring in your life that you can expand on? What are you not willing to heal? It’s time to open the will center and open up to healing, releasing, and LETTING GO.

There will be events around the world that will rupture the current 3D reality and cataclysms on earth to help clear the pollutants in the Ley lines that have created hatred, anger, and war. These Ley lines also hold the keys to the Ascension and Evolution on the planet. Once the energy is released humans and animals can upgrade their DNA systems at a rapid rate. Souls who are also trapped in the middle realms will be released, they will choose the light or darkness. They will choose evolution or move to another frequency that matches their vibration, continuing with souls development from the lower levels.

Stop denying the reality in ALL senses because the EGO is trying to keep you in the same space.

Space-time in continuum is all shifting but in order for the universal energies to shift in this galaxy the planet needs to shift.

The Galactic energies that many of you want to work with can not step foot into the planet until much of this happens. They need a clean and clear environment to help humans develop at higher levels.

Much more to come.

Love and Blessings from the Archangels and Ascended Masters. Remember you hold the power, only you. All together you can create massive SHIFTS.

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