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Start Listening

I’ve been sitting and watching a lot of you.

I’ve been sitting and listening.

I’ve been learning and educating myself on Racial issues and Black American history because I want to know about something before I speak. I also admit I need to be aware to learn more to help. 🙏🏻💜

I’m very calculated, I’m not stupid. I don’t jump on things, I’m not a bandwagon rider, I don’t follow the herd. The people who REALLY KNOW ME KNOW THIS ABOUT ME.


I’ve been shamed by others to try to guilt me into standing up for the cause by using my platform. I sent them blessings and continued to move forward on the path that I know is right for me.

I know my strengths and what I am capable of, I don’t need other people telling me how to help. You can’t guilt me into shit, I’m not playing this game!

I don’t need to be shamed by people on their self righteous soap boxes acting like they are saviors to the world when in reality a lot of them are only creating more HATRED and DIVISION by being BIGOTS.

A lot of you are sitting on your I-Phones wearing Nike sneakers talking about OPPRESSION!! Oh the fucken HYPOCRISY I’VE SEEN IN THE PAST WEEK!!


Then I see you all sharing the same fucken memes and saying the same shit just to feel like you did something! I’m calling a lot of you out because I know you DON’T CARE about what’s happening! You’re just doing it so you won’t be called a fucken RACIST or you’re blindly following. You’re not going to pull the wool over my eyes. I can TELL and FEEL just by how your energy is when you post. Be REAL PEOPLE. That’s how issues get solved!

You want to end RACISM & OPPRESSION well we ALL have a lot of fucken work to do! And it starts internally, not by posting a fucken popular meme and then forgetting about it the next day!

We have been fooled for far too long.

We have been used!

I’m sick of it! Stop condemning and START LISTENING!

You want to end RACISM AND CORRUPTION in the system but you want to CONTINUE to bury your HEAD in the sand day after day?

I’ve tried to speak upon the issue below many times. This issue does connect to the injustices going on now.

And it’s just ignored.

It’s been ignored by people who claim they care about humanity but in the end they only care about the narrative that fits for THEM and makes them feel comfortable. Why do we do this? Because it’s less work we need to do on ourselves and it’s sad.

#NOTMYCHILDNOTMYPROBLEM is all I subconsciously hear when you ignore the information below!

CHILD SEX trafficking is the #1 criminal industry in the world and I would say it might be the #1 money maker in the world if we look at people like Epstein.

Unfortunately his whole situation is ignored and bypassed as well. I’ve never once seen a rally or protest to stand up for children that live their whole life’s in cages to be raped, tortured, and abused.

People actually laugh at the idea that this is even real because they don’t want to admit the people they love and support are actually behind this.

The same people that commit these heinous acts are actually behind a bigger plan to destroy our country and the world, to create a New World Order which will integrate Artificial Intelligence into the human body to disconnect us from our Divinity and Ascension. Once AI fully integrates into humanity we can no longer connect to our spirit body. This is detrimental to our Soul and the aspects of emerging into our higher being.

At this point I don’t give a shit about your opinion of me. I’m not here to play the follow the leader game.


I’m coming at the injustice in our system from a whole other level. If you can’t understand the facts that the Clintons, Soros, and other powerful people are creating and inciting a serious divide in our nation then you may want to unfollow me. I send you lots of love 🙏🏻

I’m here to liberate humanity from the chains of the Matrix. I will NOT play the game of Checkers that they want us to play. I stay playing the game of Chess and will always be a step ahead.

In order to stop injustice we need to look at everything from all angles. I’m willing to listen, I’m willing to have uncomfortable conversations and admit the things I need to work on. But you need to meet me there to! We need to meet each! 🙏🏻

We cannot ignore the obvious anymore people! If we want real change we need to UNITE. Not pick sides!! 🤦🏻‍♀️

Follow the money.

Always look at what’s not being talked about.

Question the motives of the media! A lot of you know they are no good, but you still fall in their trap!

Most importantly remember you can’t fight HATE with HATE.

All your Anti this and Anti that is BULLSHIT! When you are ANTI anything you are feeding that energy more.

In order to get rid of something you need to own it within yourself, you need to face it and you need to HEAL it within!

The end result is to learn from the lessons and focus on what we DO WANT!! Not what we hate! Hate feeds Hate, love feeds love!!

Jesus Christ I’ve been losing my mind for the past few days!


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