The Oracle....

The Oracle… ✨The Prophet ✨The Seer ✨The Priestess

One of my pillars with my biz is to teach others how to step into their intuitive gifts and fine tune how they channel and connect.

I seriously believe this is the future for humanity. ✨ If people continue to ignore their abilities they will fall into the hands of corruption, greed, and false low frequency realities in a continuous loop.

This pattern will drain the soul and divine frequencies not only from the individual but the planet.

Part of my purpose is to help people TRUST their channeling abilities. TRUST their discernment . TRUST their soul calling and purpose. We are the future. We are the saviors. Humanity BEING in their power, honoring themselves, and stepping into their calling is what will save us. No GOD No POLITICIANS No ETS Only US

So yes you see me all “special” sitting on a pillar with my abilities. We should all be sitting together honoring each other’s strengths and gifts. Humanity has so many dormant strengths.

I am here to help people move into this with grace, integrity, and honor. 🙏🏻

A beautiful depiction created by Jamie from Wicked Depiction Photography from my photoshoot a few days ago. Right now Jamie is giving anyone that signs up with the link below 10% off a session 🔥

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