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Wealth Consciousness

This week I want to focus on the topic of Wealth Consciousness because it’s important for growth and expansion. . . People love to ignore money and just look at it as a negative, especially in the spiritual community. . . “Oh it’s not about the money.” Are you sure? Because you looked pretty drained and run down to me. . . Of course you should NEVER want to be a healer JUST to make money, BUT you should NEVER ignore what you are worth. . . Too many practitioners do and that’s why they can’t do this work full time or eventually have to leave. . . Usually they leave broken and tired. . . How many Spiritual spaces closed up in RI in the last few years? . . A LOT. . . We are taught that asking for money is greedy. . . I’ll never forget the day some girl walked in my shop and said “Shouldn’t all this stuff be free.” I was behind the curtain, luckily because I don’t think I would have been able to contain myself with that question. Especially during that time in my life. . . You mean the miner that risks his life to get the crystals shouldn’t get paid? . . All the farmers/gardeners who grow their herbs should just give them to you for free? . . The people who print the Card Decks should just forget about paying their rent? . . Also FUCK my employees right?? They don’t need to get paid because you’re a moron. . . Oh why don’t I tell the state of RI and the good ole Uncle Sam to go fuck themselves too because you “think” I should give you everything for FREE. . . Also fuck my Rents, insurance, car, and FOOD. Let me starve because you want free shit. . . Money isn’t EVIL, people are IGNORANT. . . Money makes the world go round. Ask all the pedos who make the laws. They’re stuffing their pockets with all your tax money laughing, TELLING YOU HOW TO LIVE! Keep following the ideologies of Satany pedos telling YOU, you are greedy for wanting more. . . If you hate money, you hate yourself. . . Why? BECAUSE YOU DON’T KNOW YOUR WORTH. . . You don’t VALUE your time. You don’t VALUE your energy. You don’t VALUE your life. . . Most people who hate money work shitty jobs and don’t strive for better. . . Tell me again about how that makes you righteous?? . . Money is important. . . Healing our MONEY WOUNDS is a part of the ASCENSION process. . . I love Money. . . I had to come to terms the past 2 weeks that I’m a Boujee bitch and I’m okay with that. . . It’s okay to be a spiritual person and like material items. . . It’s not okay to fucken lie to yourself and follow what everyone else thinks is “right”. . . When you create a constant flow of abundance your creative process flows to astronomical levels. . . In order to become fully enlightened you need to lift all the weight and stress that weighs you down. . . Money is Magickal Magick can create Money miracles. Money Magick out now!

Full Payment $111

2 Monthly Payments of $66

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