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Why Reader Biz?!

I know what it feels like to want to help guide more people and utilize my spiritual gifts. You have a lot to share but you feel like you’re not reaching an audience. Or you have followers on your feed but no one is booking. This can shift quick with the right promo that works for you.

There’s a lot of great Readers out there who hide and don’t know how to connect with an audience. This is something I specialize in….I LOVE to teach and coach soul aligned businesses or soon to be business owners how to be SEEN.

It’s not just about flipping cards and collecting cash, its about building relationships with your community.

How do you do that?

Too many Readers rely on word of mouth or random boring posts that say “offering Readings book with me”.

Maybe that worked 5-10 years ago, but it doesn’t work now. (Word of mouth does but can take a while.)

How can you shift quicker and get people to opt in now?

3 Things:

People need to get to know you.

People need to hear your story.

People need to get to know your Reading style. (I could talk about this for days!)

Everyone Reads differently!

You as a Reader know this, but the average Reading customer DOES NOT!

You know why my Reading business blew up?

Because I showed them me, my style of Reading and I shared my story. I talk and connect with my audience, I don’t talk at them. There’s a huge difference.

There are SO MANY different ways to do this. And not everyone is aligned with the “same ways” of promo. I help creative Entrepreneurs connect with THEIR STYLE of marketing, not boring marketing strategies. If you are feeling stuck it’s because you haven’t figured out what works for you.

What works for me is usually Lives, for some reason people need to hear my voice, see my craziness in live form and hear tangents and rants. I can only do this when I’m live. I LOVE to show my audience the raw REAL Ashley! And when I sign clients, they tell me they LOVED the craziest silliest content that I put out. I’ve made thousands of dollars in sales from the wackiest lives.

Point being you don’t even understand what you are leaving on the table WHEN YOU HIDE or try to be too perfect.

Please take NOTE:

Humans can’t stand perfect, it’s such a turn off. Humans want to connect with real people not some robot that has it all figured out.

Some of you need to start sharing your stories more

Some of you need to be more vulnerable.

Some of you need to start showing your audience your Reading skills in different promo styles.

Some of you just NEED to SHOW UP!!

And ALL OF YOU need to stop overthinking!

Want more Readings?

Want to help guide more people?

Want to show the world who you really are?

Sign up for Reader Biz!

We start November 21st!

Pre work is going in the container this week

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