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Why So Many People Fail at Entrepreneurship

Why do so many people fail at entrepreneurship? . . I’ll give you 3 reasons... Reason #1.... You need belief & courage to show up as you truly desire inside your mind and heart. . . Now I know that many of you know what I’m talking about. You have these brilliant, magnificent ideas on how you want to show up and then when it comes time to execute you make up every excuse in the book. . . “The weather sucks, my grandma was mean to me today, my cats shit smells and made me depressed...etc, etc, etc” Blah blah blah cry me a river. You’re scared and being a bitch and that’s what it comes down to. Showing up isn’t a walk in the park, in fact, you're walking through the prickly bushes until you get into the flow. The main reason is you don’t FULLY believe in what you do and create. You did in the beginning but then it fizzles simply because you let it. You listen to the naysayers. STOP. . . Reason #2 Your self awareness is crapola, the shits, poo in the toilet! Can you hear me??? . . Start journaling about what you want, your goals, your clients etc! People just start businesses and have NO CLUE what they want. “Goals are for meanies and greedy people.” . . No, goals are for people who have AN IDEA OF WHAT THEY WANT! I can’t even tell you how many times I’ve worked with clients who have an idea of what they want but are too scared to admit it. When you become aware of self.....your needs, wants, loves, desires, help your business begin to breathe and flow. Then your unstoppable, your creativity flows and you actually enjoy the process of building and developing the biz. You have to let go of what you think is right and tap into what is right FOR YOU! . . Reason #3 You give up Wwaaay too easily..."But it’s hard and I’m scared.” Awwwww is it??? OF COURSE IT IS!! But that’s all of life! That’s living! Living life to the fullest can be scary because you are taking risks constantly. Don’t even think about being an entrepreneur if you’re afraid of taking risks, you’re done, it’s over, goodbyeeeee. . . Stop Being F'N Basic tomorrow from 11:00 am est to 1:30 PM est where I will break down my promo process to help you tap into the courage, belief, self awareness and the fortitude to grow some BALLS and show up like a mofo BOSS who is purpose led and runs shit. . . This is for the spiritual teachers, mentors, coaches and creators who want to take their business to the next level. . . People can’t hear you because you aren’t showing up 100%! If you want to quit your job, live your purpose, you need to turn up the volume and tune out the BS! . . Link below to sign up

. . Online and In Person Access, also access to the REPLAY

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