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You missed Trust the Vision?

My whole life I’ve been hosed.

Yep I’ve literally been told I’m too much and I need to water myself down.

At times this energy resurfaces on a deep level and it’s happening now.

I’ve built Ascension Nxt on trust.

In reality that's it.

Trust, Faith, Spirit, and my fiery PASSION

I am so FN grateful I’ve learned how to live my life in the beautiful chaos and to navigate. Most people could never understand, I do and this is what I teach.

To overcome and s

how others that being what you’ve always envisioned and to embody everyday is possible.

Just trusting the process, the visions and moving forward. Not everything has come exactly how I’ve connected with it, but much of it has come to life.

I have no end goal when it comes to the work I do. There’s so much and its just continuing to focus on how to build and expand on what I’ve already created.

Although the last few months have been quite challenging. I’ve connected with multiple visions and directions I can go, which has never really been the case. Usually there’s one more dominant than the other.

I’ve had readings and tried to channel the answer, and it’s always the same.

“Keep moving forward.”

I will say this is one of the most challenging points of my life and career. I am in the midst of uncertainty and there’s only one thing to do.


When I first started I had easier action steps, as you grow and expand things can get a bit more difficult at times because you become so evolved, there’s never just one answer.

You become a multi facetted BEING who gets to choose your reality and or the path.

That’s the greatest gift.

That’s THE GIFT.

The power to access the “muchness” and live in it, BE it and help others FIND & MAINTAIN this energy. 🔥

Trust the Vision

Trust the Process

Be waaaaay “Too Much” for the programs of the MATRIX 🔥

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