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You're Getting ALL the Upgrades

. . You’re getting ALL the upgrades! I was so exhausted right around Christmas and after. For 2 days I couldn’t move, and even at times during this week I was like wtf is going on?? . . My friends were feeling it too and tonight we connected with the Divine to ask about this craziness. There’s some serious upgrades happening and a lot of us multidimensional mofos are working double time in the astral. . . So NO you’re not dying. NO there’s nothing wrong with you. NO it’s not the “Holidays”. . . You’re receiving what YOU need to step into 2022. . . Raise the bar high. Feel into what you need to LET GO OF NOW. Don’t hesitate and or procrastinate. . . The energy coming is CONNECTING you to Magick and Miracles. . . Will you allow it in? Are you fighting it? Will you surrender to the NEW? . . I just pulled... 10 of Wands... Release the Struggle The Empress Step into the FLOW Knight of Pentacles Strategy is valuable The HIGH Priestess The Magick is here . . I hate pulling cards, oh wait...that’s a lie . . WEALTH SHIFT enrollment ends in 2 Days...

. .

Also offering Akashic Record Readings prices go up after the 1st

. .

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