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Wacky Wednesdays

How did I get here? . . From “Wacky Wednesdays” to The Alpha. . . From $15 Reikis to $15,000 PLUS programs. . . What in the fuck happened along the way?! . . A LOT! So much I could definitely write a book and I will be doing that one day soon. . . I can guarantee a lot of people were certain my business would not last, never mind get this far. . . I mean look at this flyer! Alien gnomes, Wacky Wednesdays, insanity at its finest! You can tell I DIDN’T overthink this flyer, I just threw everything I did on and it and was like get it out. This was the first flyer when we opened Ascension Nxt. A few months later I looked at it and was like "ummmm yeah, we need to change that." . . I JUST DID IT. I really didn’t care at times, I just showed up. Alien Gnomes and all! . . Growth only happens when you shush the bullshit that wants to drag you down every damn day, every hour, every minute. Yes it’s an issue for EVERYONE, some just choose to not be a part of it. Some just choose to see beyond it. Most allow it to be their downfall. . . The overthinking will DESTROY you. Just do the damn thing and tweak it later, it’s the only way you’re going to learn. A few days ago I had to tell my client to just do it! Who cares if it’s not perfect??? Who gives a shit?? It needs to get out! . . LOOK AT THIS FLYER!! I got rid of them all and designed new ones a few months later, I just needed to get the message out and I sure did. Come to Ascension Nxt Bitches! That was the main message and people came and they came back, and they loved it. Obviously or I wouldn’t be here! Right? . . But how did I get from this to the Alpha? . . I chose NOT TO BELIEVE THE BS. . . Here’s a great example: When I first started my business, I was a Reiki practitioner. I loooooved facilitating energy work, I would up-sell it to everyone because I truly believed it worked and I still firmly stand behind it, but there was a bug in the ears of the our community..... . . “There’s way too many Reiki practitioners in the field, it’s over saturated.” . . This statement and ideology held sooooooooo many amazing practitioners back, but not me because I KNEW I was here to do this. . . I didn’t listen I just kept going. I picked up A LOT of clients along the way, I stopped with the $15 BS swatted the fly in my ear buzzing about “there’s too many of you” and kept raising my prices. I eventually transitioned into different forms and frequencies of healing modalities where I felt I could charge more. Then transitioned into larger group workshops and coaching INTEGRATING EVERYTHING I LEARNED ALONG THE WAY. . . Continuing to swat the fly’s in my ear telling me this, that, and the other thing. . . I NEVER fully believed the bullshit trying to hold me back. Now I’m here! . . Do you get it? Do you understand? My FIELD is NOT OVERSATURATED, in fact, I believe the OPPOSITE. We need more dedicated practitioners who are self aware and understand their true potential and power. This is what I started to say when that bullshit started buzzing in my ear. And here I am today..... . . Teaching others how to run a Spiritually based business, SUCCESSFULLY, while letting go of all the distractions and worries. . . The ALPHA doesn’t take no for an answer. The ALPHA is in it to win it! The ALPHA could give 2 shits about the opinion of sheep. . . Only 6 more spaces left in this high level mentorship. . . I’m here to help people in my field continue to make a real impact on this world while getting fucken paid. . . Get rid of the distractions that are keeping you from fully serving your purpose. It’s all BS to keep you small and disempowered so you can’t help others. . . Contact me for more info

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